Ketogenic Diet

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet on The Skin

There are lots of chemicals lurking in everyday food items that we consume. These chemicals pose adverse effects to the general health of a human being body. One of the ways that people use to reduce the impact of these chemicals is changing their current diet. There are several diets available today such as the Paleo diet, ketogenic diet, Atkins diet. The ketogenic diet is often known as keto diet slowly began to gain popularity. It is because of the aid it offers in boosting the energy levels, weight loss, and excellent benefits for the skin.

The ketogenic diet reduces the intake of carbohydrates and replaces it with healthy fats that are essential for healthy skin. Some of the ketogenic approved foods include eggs, nuts and seeds, meat and fish, unprocessed cheese, herbs and spices, avocados, low carbohydrate vegetables, organic virgin oils, and grass-fed cream and butter. The following are the benefits of the ketogenic diet on the skin.

Clearer Skin

beautiful womanStudies show that sugar has effects on the skin. One of the impacts is causing acne, and from this impact, the body can contribute to other breakouts. High levels of sugar in the body increases the amount of sebum in the skin, which leads to inflammation. The ketogenic diet can prevent this to occur. First, it is low in carbohydrates, and secondly, it burns fat for fuel instead of burning glucose. Through this, the body will not go through drastic insulin spikes and; therefore, preventing you from feeling sluggish and reduces any chances of skin condition like acne. Thus, the ketogenic diet helps to prevent future skin breakouts and clears up the skin.

Less Skin Irritation

It is very uncomfortable to have an itchy skin that will always require you to scratch it. In some cases, the irritation may be excess leading to the skin peeling off because of the intensity of scratching it. With a ketogenic diet, one can reduce this inflammatory skin condition. It is because a ketogenic diet is rich in healthy fats, which is the perfect remedy for reducing inflammation of the skin. Such inflammatory skin conditions are psoriasis and eczema.

Reduces Skin Wrinkles

The ketogenic diet consists of foods loaded with vitamin C. These types of foods help to reduce premature aging which is indicated by wrinkles. The ketogenic diet is also packed with antioxidants which serve the same course. Changing to the ketogenic diet, you will be consuming foods rich in collagen-boosting components. These foods are essential in inhibiting the damage to collagen in turn, eliminating skin wrinkles.

Calm and Sensitive Skin

The healthy fats found in the ketogenic diet help to reduce flaky and dry skin as well as rebuild the cell membrane. The antioxidants present in the ketogenic diet ensures the skin is balanced, calm, and

Prevents Blotchy Skin

The skin sheds dead cells. With a ketogenic diet, your skin can regulate and improve how it sheds the dead cells. In turn, it prevents a blotchy skin and leaves the skin with an even tone and increased radiance.

Moisturizes the Skin

Many people believe that drinking too only water will help to moisturize the skin. Well, a ketogenic diet is full of vegetables and fruits which offer a better way of hydrating the skin without taking too much water. A ketogenic diet will also increase the ability of the skin holding on water for